Providing a safe and dependable alternative to driving yourself.


Colorado Transport provides a specialized service to individuals with special needs. As the leading authority in wheelchair accessible transportation services, we offer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to our customers. We build strong relationships with our patrons which is the reason for our strong growth. Understanding the needs of our customers and being able to accommodate those needs, we will continue to grow!



Our Mission


To provide a high level and quality of service, enabling our clients to improve and maintain their quality of life. We provide services for the general public and organizations allowing them to be able to rely on us.

Colorado Transport's goal is to eliminate any barriers that are currently facing the disabled and aging community.




When sitting is not an option

Patient Transport Services,  offers our “Bed to Bed” service for patients that require stretcher transport.


Wheelchair Transport

From basic to Bariatric

Patient Transport Services offers “door through door” wheelchair transport services for individuals with special needs or mobility requirements.  


Near or Far

a quick trip or cross country

Colorado Transport frequently transports clients by Stretcher going to the airport or to destinations out of the area or out of the state. Same day services are available, but it is recommended to order transports in advance whenever possible.